About Montagu Academy

Montagu Academy has been created to inspire and provide opportunities for the next generation in a variety of pursuits.  The company will also provide outstanding support for teachers with specialist delivery, qualifications and resources allowing us to reach a wider audience.

The Concept

The concept was developed by Keiran Montagu who worked as the Director of Extended School at St. Peter’s High School in Gloucester for more than a decade. During his time in this position, Keiran had a real passion for sport as well as helping students who were not as fortunate due to circumstances beyond their control. The importance of sport in a child’s development was an idea shared by Keiran’s late Father and former Headmaster at St. Peter’s, Lawrence, who had more than a little influence on the emergence of Primary School Sport.

St. Peter’s High School was always renowned for being one of the top rugby schools in the country, however, more recently, it developed into one of the top tennis establishments in the UK. Keiran and the coaching team transformed the comprehensive school with its playground tennis courts, from a below average Gloucestershire school, into a Centre of Excellence in an unconventional setting. The Montagu Tennis Academy is still based at St. Peter’s and continues to offer opportunities for children to participate and also develop into elite players.

About Keiran Montagu

Keiran Montagu

Keiran Montagu

Keiran has a significant background in sport as a player and a coach. He represented Gloucestershire, the West Midlands and Great Britain Catholic Schools as a junior tennis player and went on to captain the University of Liverpool where he achieved a degree in History. During his time in Liverpool, Keiran also reached the Last 16 of the British Students Championships on two occasions.

His first step into employment following his degree was as the Assistant Stadium and Operations Manager at Gloucester Rugby Club. At the same time, his love for tennis saw him pursue a coaching career and he soon became a CCA Performance Coach (UKCC Level 4).

Shortly after leaving Gloucester Rugby Club, Keiran took up a Sports Development role at St. Peter’s High School and was soon promoted to Director of Extended School. During his tenure, he oversaw the implementation of ‘Community use’ at St. Peter’s and established many successful partnerships. The creation of St. Peter’s Tennis Academy occurred under Keiran’s leadership and the school rose from beginner level to the 8th ranked school in the UK over a 10 year period. In 2013, Primary School Sport was founded under the St. Peter’s banner and over the course of the following 2 years, the programme saw coaches delivering sport in 15 primaries.

Primary School Sport

Providing first class sports coaching, training for teachers, competition and support for Primary Schools.

Pupil Premium Solutions

Evaluating the needs of children in receipt of Pupil Premium through consultation and proposing solutions to help their development.

Tennis Academy

Offers elite coaching from mini-tennis to Under 18 level. The Tennis Academy houses many of the finest junior and senior tennis players in Gloucestershire.