Pupil Premium Solutions

Montagu Academy offers ideas and solutions for schools with children in receipt of Pupil Premium.
The aims of this service are to find ways in which the Pupil Premium could be used by a child to help:



Helping to build their confidence



Improving their self-esteem

Academic Performance

Improve their academic performance


Social skills

Improving their social skills

Find something they enjoy

Find an activity or pursuit that they enjoy and could excel in



Help them develop as ‘well-rounded’ individuals

What we’ll do to establish your child’s needs:

In order to establish what the needs of a child in receipt of Pupil Premium are, we offer a service to come into your school and speak with the pupil and the teachers (including form tutor) who work with them. This will provide us with an accurate picture of the child and enable us to design an action plan that will benefit their development. A report will also be produced for the school about our recommendations for use of the Pupil Premium based on the evidence we have acquired about the child. Alternatively, if this process has already been conducted by a specialist member of staff, we can just provide a programme or individual facets of a programme that are going to benefit the development of the child.


Speaking with Pupils and Teachers

We offer a service to establish what a pupil needs most by talking with the pupils themselves and their teachers.

Creating an accurate picture

We will create an accurate picture of a pupil and their needs from our consultations and will therefore be able to propose an Action Plan.

Producing a Report

We will produce a report for the school to keep on record about each pupil. The report will contain information about the consultations, details of the pupil’s background and recommendations to help the pupil’s development.

If you have any questions...

…about our Pupil Premium Service or would like to see if we can find a solution that might not be listed for a child or children in your school please contact us!