The summer festival proved to be another success as teams from St. Mary’s, St. Joe’s, St. Peter’s, St. Greg’s and Tuffley competed in tennis and athletics.  Over the course of the last term they have been learning, some for the first time, how to play tennis, how to sprint using the correct technique, throwing a javelin and a discus, and also how to get the most distance on a jump.

The tennis tournament was played in mixed-mixed doubles format, meaning each round every individual played together with a different player from any of the schools involved.  It was a chance for them to not only compete and enjoy the game of tennis, but to also meet and get to know children they had never met before.  On the athletics side, each school team worked their way around the circuit together to try and accumulate the highest total score from their own individual scores.

As it turned out, Tuffley and St. Joe’s tied for 4th place, St. Greg’s finished in 3rd, and St. Peter’s in 2nd, which meant that yet again St. Mary’s proved their worth with a 1st placed finish to defend their trophy.

It is always great to see the competitive drive from the kids, however, the element of effort and respect for other teams will always make it that bit more special, and once again they did not let us down.

Fantastic day, the kids and the coaches have earned their summer holiday, and it will be intriguing to see how far they have come in the next edition of the primary school sports festival!

Thank-you to all involved!